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  • [ENH] select function now supports variable arguments - PR #1288 @samukweku

v0.26.0 - 2023-09-18

  • [ENH] clean_names can now be applied to column values. Issue #995 @samukweku
  • [BUG] Fix ImportError - Issue #1285 @samukweku

v0.25.0 - 2023-07-27

  • [INF] Replace pytest.ini file with pyproject.toml file. PR #1204 @Zeroto521
  • [INF] Extract docstrings tests from all tests. PR #1205 @Zeroto521
  • [BUG] Address the TypeError when importing v0.24.0 (issue #1201 @xujiboy and @joranbeasley)
  • [INF] Fixed issue with missing PyPI README. PR #1216 @thatlittleboy
  • [INF] Update some mkdocs compatibility code. PR #1231 @thatlittleboy
  • [INF] Migrated docstring style from Sphinx to Google for better compatibility with mkdocstrings. PR #1235 @thatlittleboy
  • [INF] Prevent selection of chevrons (>>>) and outputs in Example code blocks. PR #1237 @thatlittleboy
  • [DEPR] Add deprecation warnings for process_text, rename_column, rename_columns, filter_on, remove_columns, fill_direction. Issue #1045 @samukweku
  • [ENH] pivot_longer now supports named groups where names_pattern is a regular expression. A dictionary can now be passed to names_pattern, and is internally evaluated as a list/tuple of regular expressions. Issue #1209 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Improve selection in conditional_join. Issue #1223 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add col class for selecting columns within an expression. Currently limited to use within conditional_join. PR #1260 @samukweku.
  • [ENH] Performance improvement for range joins in conditional_join, when use_numba = False. Performance improvement for equi-join and a range join, when use_numba = True, for many to many join with wide ranges. PR #1256, #1267 @samukweku
  • [DEPR] Add deprecation warning for pivot_wider. Issue #1045 @samukweku
  • [BUG] Fix string column selection on a MultiIndex. Issue #1265. @samukweku

v0.24.0 - 2022-11-12

  • [ENH] Add lazy imports to speed up the time taken to load pyjanitor (part 2)
  • [DOC] Updated developer guide docs.
  • [ENH] Allow column selection/renaming within conditional_join. Issue #1102. Also allow first or last match. Issue #1020 @samukweku.
  • [ENH] New decorator deprecated_kwargs for breaking API. #1103 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Extend select_columns to support non-string columns. Issue #1105 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Performance improvement for groupby_topk. Issue #1093 @samukweku
  • [ENH] min_max_scale drop old_min and old_max to fit sklearn's method API. Issue #1068 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Add jointly option for min_max_scale support to transform each column values or entire values. Default transform each column, similar behavior to sklearn.preprocessing.MinMaxScaler. (Issue #1067, PR #1112, PR #1123) @Zeroto521
  • [INF] Require pyspark minimal version is v3.2.0 to cut duplicates codes. Issue #1110 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Add support for extension arrays in expand_grid. Issue #1121 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add names_expand and index_expand parameters to pivot_wider for exposing missing categoricals. Issue #1108 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add fix for slicing error when selecting columns in pivot_wider. Issue #1134 @samukweku
  • [ENH] dropna parameter added to pivot_longer. Issue #1132 @samukweku
  • [INF] Update mkdocstrings version and to fit its new coming features. PR #1138 @Zeroto521
  • [BUG] Force math.softmax returning Series. PR #1139 @Zeroto521
  • [INF] Set independent environment for building documentation. PR #1141 @Zeroto521
  • [DOC] Add local documentation preview via github action artifact. PR #1149 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Enable encode_categorical handle 2 (or more ) dimensions array. PR #1153 @Zeroto521
  • [TST] Fix testcases failing on Window. Issue #1160 @Zeroto521, and @samukweku
  • [INF] Cancel old workflow runs via Github Action concurrency. PR #1161 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Faster computation for non-equi join, with a numba engine. Speed improvement for left/right joins when sort_by_appearance is False. Issue #1102 @samukweku
  • [BUG] Avoid change_type mutating original DataFrame. PR #1162 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] The parameter column_name of change_type totally supports inputing multi-column now. #1163 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Fix error when sort_by_appearance=True is combined with dropna=True. Issue #1168 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add explicit default parameter to case_when function. Issue #1159 @samukweku
  • [BUG] pandas 1.5.x _MergeOperation doesn't have copy keyword anymore. Issue #1174 @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] select_rows function added for flexible row selection. Generic select function added as well. Add support for MultiIndex selection via dictionary. Issue #1124 @samukweku
  • [TST] Compat with macos and window, to fix FailedHealthCheck Issue #1181 @Zeroto521
  • [INF] Merge two docs CIs (docs-preview.yml and docs.yml) to one. And add documentation pytest mark. PR #1183 @Zeroto521
  • [INF] Merge codecov.yml (only works for the dev branch pushing event) into tests.yml (only works for PR event). PR #1185 @Zeroto521
  • [TST] Fix failure for test/timeseries/test_fill_missing_timestamp. Issue #1184 @samukweku
  • [BUG] Import DataDescription to fix: AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'data_description'. PR #1191 @Zeroto521

v0.23.1 - 2022-05-03

  • [DOC] Updated and documentation with working examples.
  • [ENH] Deprecate num_bins from bin_numeric in favour of bins, and allow generic **kwargs to be passed into pd.cut. Issue #969. @thatlittleboy
  • [ENH] Fix concatenate_columns not working on category inputs @zbarry
  • [INF] Simplify CI system @ericmjl
  • [ENH] Added "read_commandline" function to @BaritoneBeard
  • [BUG] Fix bug with the complement parameter of filter_on. Issue #988. @thatlittleboy
  • [ENH] Add xlsx_table, for reading tables from an Excel sheet. @samukweku
  • [ENH] minor improvements for conditional_join; equality only joins are no longer supported; there has to be at least one non-equi join present. @samukweku
  • [BUG] sort_column_value_order no longer mutates original dataframe.
  • [BUG] Extend fill_empty's column_names type range. Issue #998. @Zeroto521
  • [BUG] Removed/updated error-inducing default arguments in row_to_names (#1004) and round_to_fraction (#1005). @thatlittleboy
  • [ENH] patterns deprecated in favour of importing re.compile. #1007 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Changes to kwargs in encode_categorical, where the values can either be a string or a 1D array. #1021 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add fill_value and explicit parameters to the complete function. #1019 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Performance improvement for expand_grid. @samukweku
  • [BUG] Make factorize_columns (PR #1028) and truncate_datetime_dataframe (PR #1040) functions non-mutating. @thatlittleboy
  • [BUG] Fix SettingWithCopyWarning and other minor bugs when using truncate_datetime_dataframe, along with further performance improvements (PR #1040). @thatlittleboy
  • [ENH] Performance improvement for conditional_join. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Multiple .value is now supported in pivot_longer. Multiple values_to is also supported, when names_pattern is a list or tuple. names_transform parameter added, for efficient dtype transformation of unpivoted columns. #1034, #1048, #1051 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add xlsx_cells for reading a spreadsheet as a table of individual cells. #929 @samukweku.
  • [ENH] Let filter_string suit parameters of Series.str.contains Issue #1003 and #1047. @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] names_glue in pivot_wider now takes a string form, using str.format_map under the hood. levels_order is also deprecated. @samukweku
  • [BUG] Fixed bug in transform_columns which ignored the column_names specification when new_column_names dictionary was provided as an argument, issue #1063. @thatlittleboy
  • [BUG] count_cumulative_unique no longer modifies the column being counted in the output when case_sensitive argument is set to False, issue #1065. @thatlittleboy
  • [BUG] Fix for gcc missing error in dev container
  • [DOC] Added a step in the dev guide to install Remote Container in VS Code. @ashenafiyb
  • [DOC] Convert expand_column and find_replace code examples to doctests, issue #972. @gahjelle
  • [DOC] Convert expand_column code examples to doctests, issue #972. @gahjelle
  • [DOC] Convert get_dupes code examples to doctests, issue #972. @ethompsy
  • [DOC] Convert engineering code examples to doctests, issue #972 @ashenafiyb
  • [DOC] Convert groupby_topk code examples to doctests, issue #972. @ethompsy
  • [DOC] Add doctests to math, issue #972. @gahjelle
  • [DOC] Add doctests to math and ml, issue #972. @gahjelle
  • [DOC] Add doctests to math, ml, and xarray, issue #972. @gahjelle

v0.22.0 - 2021-11-21

  • [BUG] Fix conditional join issue for multiple conditions, where pd.eval fails to evaluate if numexpr is installed. #898 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Added case_when to handle multiple conditionals and replacement values. Issue #736. @robertmitchellv
  • [ENH] Deprecate new_column_names and merge_frame from process_text. Only existing columns are supported. @samukweku
  • [ENH] complete uses pd.merge internally, providing a simpler logic, with some speed improvements in certain cases over pd.reindex. @samukweku
  • [ENH] expand_grid returns a MultiIndex DataFrame, allowing the user to decide how to manipulate the columns. @samukweku
  • [INF] Simplify a bit linting, use pre-commit as the CI linting checker. @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Fix bug in pivot_longer for wrong output when names_pattern is a sequence with a single value. Issue #885 @samukweku
  • [ENH] Deprecate aggfunc from pivot_wider; aggregation can be chained with pandas' groupby.
  • [ENH] As_Categorical deprecated from encode_categorical; a tuple of (categories, order) suffices for **kwargs. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Deprecate names_sort from pivot_wider.@samukweku
  • [ENH] Add softmax to math module. Issue #902. @loganthomas

v0.21.2 - 2021-09-01

  • [ENH] Fix warning message in coalesce, from bfill/fill;coalesce now uses variable arguments. Issue #882 @samukweku
  • [INF] Add SciPy as explicit dependency in Issue #895 @ericmjl

v0.21.1 - 2021-08-29

  • [DOC] Fix references and broken links in AUTHORS.rst. @loganthomas
  • [DOC] Updated Broken links in the README and contributing docs. @nvamsikrishna05
  • [INF] Update pre-commit hooks and remove mutable references. Issue #844. @loganthomas
  • [INF] Add GitHub Release pointer to auto-release script. Issue #818. @loganthomas
  • [INF] Updated black version in github actions code-checks to match pre-commit hooks. @nvamsikrishna05
  • [ENH] Add reset_index flag to row_to_names function. @fireddd
  • [ENH] Updated label_encode to use pandas factorize instead of scikit-learn LabelEncoder. @nvamsikrishna05
  • [INF] Removed the scikit-learn package from the dependencies from environment-dev.yml and files. @nvamsikrishna05
  • [ENH] Add function to remove constant columns. @fireddd
  • [ENH] Added factorize_columns method which will deprecate the label_encode method in future release. @nvamsikrishna05
  • [DOC] Delete Read the Docs project and remove all references from the repo. Issue #863. @loganthomas
  • [DOC] Updated various documentation sources to reflect pyjanitor-dev ownership. @loganthomas
  • [INF] Fix isort automatic checks. Issue #845. @loganthomas
  • [ENH] complete function now uses variable args (*args) - @samukweku
  • [ENH] Set expand_column's sep default is "|", same to pandas.Series.str.get_dummies. Issue #876. @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Deprecate limit from fill_direction. fill_direction now uses kwargs. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Added conditional_join function that supports joins on non-equi operators. @samukweku
  • [INF] Speed up pytest via -n (pytest-xdist) option. Issue #881. @Zeroto521
  • [DOC] Add list mark to keep select_columns's example same style. @Zeroto521
  • [ENH] Updated rename_columns to take optional function argument for mapping. @nvamsikrishna05

v0.21.0 - 2021-07-16

  • [ENH] Drop fill_value parameter from complete. Users can use fillna instead. @samukweku
  • [BUG] Fix bug in pivot_longer with single level columns. @samukweku
  • [BUG] Disable exchange rates API until we can find another one to hit. @ericmjl
  • [ENH] Change coalesce to return columns; also use bfill, ffill, which is faster than combine_first @samukweku
  • [ENH] Use eval for string conditions in update_where. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add clearer error messages for pivot_longer. h/t to @tdhock for the observation. Issue #836 @samukweku
  • [ENH] select_columns now uses variable arguments (*args), to provide a simpler selection without the need for lists. - @samukweku
  • [ENH] encode_categoricals refactored to use generic functions via functools.dispatch. - @samukweku
  • [ENH] Updated convert_excel_date to throw meaningful error when values contain non-numeric. @nvamsikrishna05

v0.20.14 - 2021-03-25

  • [ENH] Add dropna parameter to groupby_agg. @samukweku
  • [ENH] complete adds a by parameter to expose explicit missing values per group, via groupby. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Fix check_column to support single inputs - fixes label_encode. @zbarry

v0.20.13 - 2021-02-25

  • [ENH] Performance improvements to expand_grid. @samukweku
  • [HOTFIX] Add multipledispatch to pip requirements. @ericmjl

v0.20.12 - 2021-02-25

  • [INF] Auto-release GitHub action maintenance. @loganthomas

v0.20.11 - 2021-02-24

  • [INF] Setup auto-release GitHub action. @loganthomas
  • [INF] Deploy darglint package for docstring linting. Issue #745. @loganthomas
  • [ENH] Added optional truncation to clean_names function. Issue #753. @richardqiu
  • [ENH] Added timeseries.flag_jumps() function. Issue #711. @loganthomas
  • [ENH] pivot_longer can handle multiple values in paired columns, and can reshape using a list/tuple of regular expressions in names_pattern. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Replaced default numeric conversion of dataframe with a dtypes parameter, allowing the user to control the data types. - @samukweku
  • [INF] Loosen dependency specifications. Switch to pip-tools for managing dependencies. Issue #760. @MinchinWeb
  • [DOC] added pipenv installation instructions @evan-anderson
  • [ENH] Add pivot_wider function, which is the inverse of the pivot_longer function. @samukweku
  • [INF] Add openpyxl to environment-dev.yml. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Reduce code by reusing existing functions for fill_direction. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Improvements to pivot_longer function, with improved speed and cleaner code. dtypes parameter dropped; user can change dtypes with pandas' astype method, or pyjanitor's change_type method. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add kwargs to encode_categorical function, to create ordered categorical columns, or categorical columns with explicit categories. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Improvements to complete method. Use pd.merge to handle duplicates and null values. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add new_column_names parameter to process_text, allowing a user to create a new column name after processing a text column. Also added a merge_frame parameter, allowing dataframe merging, if the result of the text processing is a dataframe.@samukweku
  • [ENH] Add aggfunc parameter to pivot_wider. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Modified the check function in utils to verify if a value is a callable. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Add a base _select_column function, using functools.singledispatch, to allow for flexible columns selection. @samukweku
  • [ENH] pivot_longer and pivot_wider now support janitor.select_columns syntax, allowing for more flexible and dynamic column selection. @samukweku


  • [ENH] Added function sort_timestamps_monotonically to timeseries functions @UGuntupalli
  • [ENH] Added the complete function for converting implicit missing values to explicit ones. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Further simplification of expand_grid. @samukweku
  • [BUGFIX] Added copy() method to original dataframe, to avoid mutation. Issue #729. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Added also method for running functions in chain with no return values.
  • [DOC] Added a timeseries module section to website docs. Issue #742. @loganthomas
  • [ENH] Added a pivot_longer function, a wrapper around pd.melt and similar to tidyr's pivot_longer function. Also added an example notebook. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Fixed code to returns error if fill_value is not a dictionary. @samukweku
  • [INF] Welcome bot (.github/config.yml) for new users added. Issue #739. @samukweku


  • [ENH] Updated groupby_agg function to account for null entries in the by argument. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Added function groupby_topk to janitor functions @mphirke


  • [ENH] Upgraded update_where function to use either the pandas query style, or boolean indexing via the loc method. Also updated find_replace function to use the loc method directly, instead of routing it through the update_where function. @samukweku
  • [INF] Update pandas minimum version to 1.0.0. @hectormz
  • [DOC] Updated the general functions API page to show all available functions. @samukweku
  • [DOC] Fix the few lacking type annotations of functions. @VPerrollaz
  • [DOC] Changed the signature from str to Optional[str] when initialized by None. @VPerrollaz
  • [DOC] Add the Optional type for all signatures of the API. @VPerrollaz
  • [TST] Updated test_expand_grid to account for int dtype difference in Windows OS @samukweku
  • [TST] Make importing pandas testing functions follow uniform pattern. @hectormz
  • [ENH] Added process_text wrapper function for all Pandas string methods. @samukweku
  • [TST] Only skip tests for non-installed libraries on local machine. @hectormz
  • [DOC] Fix minor issues in documentation. @hectormz
  • [ENH] Added fill_direction function for forward/backward fills on missing values for selected columns in a dataframe. @samukweku
  • [ENH] Simpler logic and less lines of code for expand_grid function @samukweku


  • [TST] Add a test for transform_column to check for nonmutation. @VPerrollaz
  • [ENH] Contributed expand_grid function by @samukweku


  • [DOC] Pep8 all examples. @VPerrollaz
  • [TST] Add docstrings to tests @hectormz
  • [INF] Add debug-statements, requirements-txt-fixer, and interrogate to pre-commit. @hectormz
  • [ENH] Upgraded transform_column to use df.assign underneath the hood, and also added option to transform column elementwise (via apply) or columnwise (thus operating on a series). @ericmjl


  • [INF] Replace pycodestyle with flake8 in order to add pandas-vet linter @hectormz
  • [ENH] select_columns() now raises NameError if column label in search_columns_labels is missing from DataFrame columns. @smu095


  • [DOC] Added an example for groupby_agg in general functions @samukweku
  • [ENH] Contributed sort_naturally() function. @ericmjl


  • [DOC] Edited transform_column dest_column_name kwarg description to be clearer on defaults by @evan-anderson.
  • [ENH] Replace apply() in favor of pandas functions in several functions. @hectormz
  • [ENH] Add ecdf() Series function by @ericmjl.
  • [DOC] Update API policy for clarity. @ericmjl
  • [ENH] Enforce string conversion when cleaning names. @ericmjl
  • [ENH] Change find_replace implementation to use keyword arguments to specify columns to perform find and replace on. @ericmjl
  • [ENH] Add jitter() dataframe function by @rahosbach


  • [ENH] Add xarray support and clone_using / convert_datetime_to_number funcs by @zbarry.


  • [ENH] Series toset() functionality #570 @eyaltrabelsi
  • [ENH] Added option to coalesce function to not delete coalesced columns. @gddcunh
  • [ENH] Added functionality to deconcatenate tuple/list/collections in a column to deconcatenate_column @zbarry
  • [ENH] Fix error message when length of new_column_names is wrong @DollofCutty
  • [DOC] Fixed several examples of functional syntax in @bdice
  • [DOC] Fix #noqa comments showing up in docs by @hectormz
  • [ENH] Add unionizing a group of dataframes' categoricals. @zbarry
  • [DOC] Fix contributions hyperlinks in AUTHORS.rst and contributions by @hectormz
  • [INF] Add pre-commit hooks to repository by @ericmjl
  • [DOC] Fix formatting code in CONTRIBUTING.rst by @hectormz
  • [DOC] Changed the typing for most "column_name(s)" to Hashable rather than enforcing strings, to more closely match Pandas API by @dendrondal
  • [INF] Edited pycodestyle and Black parameters to avoid venvs by @dendrondal


  • [INF] Make requirements.txt smaller @eyaltrabelsi
  • [ENH] Add a reset_index parameter to shuffle @eyaltrabelsi
  • [DOC] Added contribution page link to readme @eyaltrabelsi
  • [DOC] fix example for update_where, provide a bit more detail, and expand the bad_values example notebook to demonstrate its use by @anzelpwj.
  • [INF] Fix pytest marks by @ericmjl (issue #520)
  • [ENH] add example notebook with use of finance submodule methods by @rahosbach
  • [DOC] added a couple of admonitions for Windows users. h/t @anzelpwj for debugging help when a few tests failed for win32 @Ram-N
  • [ENH] Pyjanitor for PySpark @zjpoh
  • [ENH] Add pyspark clean_names @zjpoh
  • [ENH] Convert asserts to raise exceptions by @hectormz
  • [ENH] Add decorator functions for missing and error handling @jiafengkevinchen
  • [DOC] Update README with functional pandas API example. @ericmjl
  • [INF] Move get_features_targets() to new module by @hectormz
  • [ENH] Add chirality to morgan fingerprints in janitor.chemistry submodule by @Clayton-Springer
  • [INF] import_message suggests python dist. appropriate installs by @hectormz
  • [ENH] Add count_cumulative_unique() method to janitor.functions submodule by @rahosbach
  • [ENH] Add update_where() method to janitor.spark.functions submodule by @zjpoh


  • [ENH] extend find_replace functionality to allow both exact match and regular-expression-based fuzzy match by @shandou
  • [ENH] add preserve_position kwarg to deconcatenate_column with tests by @shandou and @ericmjl
  • [DOC] add contributions that did not leave git traces by @ericmjl
  • [ENH] add inflation adjustment in finance submodule by @rahosbach
  • [DOC] clarified how new functions should be implemented by @shandou
  • [ENH] add optional removal of accents on functions.clean_names, enabled by default by @mralbu
  • [ENH] add camelCase conversion to snake_case on clean_names by @ericmjl, h/t @jtaylor for sharing original
  • [ENH] Added null_flag function which can mark null values in rows. Implemented by @anzelpwj
  • [ENH] add engineering submodule with unit conversion method by @rahosbach
  • [DOC] add PyPI project description
  • [ENH] add example notebook with use of finance submodule methods by @rahosbach

For changes that happened prior to v0.18.1, please consult the closed PRs, which can be found here.

We thank all contributors who have helped make pyjanitor the package that it is today.